Book Cover Designs: Hard Case Crime

Anything vintage catches my eyes, and book covers are no exception. I’m a big fan of good books that are well-designed and I always have to restrain myself from buying books with retro covers.

Three years ago, I bought a book because of its cover at my local bookfair. That book is Joyland by Stephen King and it’s also the first and only Stephen King book I own. Check out the original gorgeous design and the newly illustrated version.

If you love pulp art, you’ll know what I’m talking about. At that time, I was so happy because I have never seen a new book with pulp art on the cover. I immediately purchased the book and when I was home, I searched for other books designed the same way.

It turns out Joyland is one of the Hard Case Crime books, which are known for their cover art and pulp stories. Their books are either a reprint of 1940s and 50s crime novels or original works. Here are some of my favorite book covers from the series:

The whole list of Hard Case Crime books can be found on the official website. You can also find a list on Goodreads. Besides Amazon (which the official link will lead you to), these books are also available on Book Depository and Barnes & Noble.

Do you own any Hard Case Crime books? Which cover is your favorite?


One thought on “Book Cover Designs: Hard Case Crime

  1. I own about 50 of them now and like yourself I purchased it because of the cover art and an obsession with Noir fiction. My favourites are Joyland and Money Shot and I have just finished reading Grifter’s Game also a great novel.


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