A Court of Wings and Ruin Discussion & Theories (Spoilers!)

acowarTitle: A Court of Wings and Ruin (A Court of Thorns and Roses #3)
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages: 705
Release Date: 2nd May 2017
Edition: Hardcover
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Spoiler warning! Make sure you have finished the book before you keep reading!

A nightmare, I’d told Tamlin. I was the nightmare.
Feyre has returned to the Spring Court, determined to gather information on Tamlin’s maneuverings and the invading king threatening to bring Prythian to its knees. But to do so she must play a deadly game of deceit—and one slip may spell doom not only for Feyre, but for her world as well. As war bears down upon them all, Feyre must decide who to trust amongst the dazzling and lethal High Lords—and hunt for allies in unexpected places.


So I finally finished ACOWAR a few days before. Honestly? It’s not as good as the second book but because we get to see more of the side characters, I still loved it!


Before starting the book, I thought someone in the inner circle would die in this book. I also thought Tamlin would die (even though I don’t want him to, will explain this later). I also feared either Rhys or Feyre would not make it til the end.

In Reality…

Amren, someone in the inner circle, did actually die but brought back to life. Rhys wouldn’t have make it til the end if Feyre didn’t ask the high lords to do the same that was done to her in the first book. Surprisingly, Tamlin didn’t get killed off. *relieved*

Feyre fanart by Nika

What I Like

1. Mor’s confession of preferring female lovers. I had no clue in the first two books but it was pretty obvious in the third. And I think that explains her relationship with Az perfectly. I’ve always loved Mor because her lines are the best. She also inspired readers to choose our own destiny (like refusing to marry Eris). I hope she will find happiness in the rest of the series!

2. The meeting with all the other Courts. I love the distinct characteristics of the High Lords and I hope we get to visit other Courts! Even though Beron is such a pain in the ass but this makes him and his court so different from the others.

High Lords fanart by Silketara

3. Ianthe gets the ending she deserves. I hate her so much but I can’t deny we need a character like her in the story.

4. Tamlin and Lucien’s redemption. I know a lot of people hate Tamlin but I always have this soft spot for him. I never wanted Tamlin to die even though he’s portrayed as the villain. I think he can’t help himself from making those mistakes because he was born that way (the temper and need of control). I know he went too far when he sold out Prythian. That, I understand, is what makes people hate him. I still think he’s suffering just as much as everyone in the story. He just made the wrong decision, but that’s because he doesn’t know the right way to love. So, I really hope he finds someone that can teach him what love is in the next books. On the other hand, Lucien made himself useful and he seems happier in Velaris than he was before. I’m glad he’s happy at last. Can we have a novella about his quest to find Vassa please?

Lucien fanart by Phantom Rin

Things I don’t like

1. Every court is alive. Rhy and Amren being brought back to life. I thought this book is gonna break my heart by killing off some dear characters to make the sacrifice point, but it didn’t. It reminds me so much of three YA series that has a main character died/changed but resurrected. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy we can see them in the rest of the series.

Rhys fanart by Po Jainter

2. The Court of Dreams being invincible, especially Rhys and Feyre. They are too powerful, even with Nesta and Elain. I also don’t understand, if everyone is so afraid of Nesta, why can’t she beat the King or the Cauldron?

3. The Cauldron seems so useless in this book. I know Nesta stole some of its power, but the only terrifying thing the Cauldron did was killing the Illyrian warriors and the Bone Carver. I thought it would have the power to kill everyone tbh.

4. The armies that came to help. Coincidence? I know their appearance is a set up for the remaining books in the series but the battle seems too easy don’t you think?

5. Everyone in Feyre’s family portayed as heroes. I kind of guessed the father was onto something in the second book but his appearance here is too brief and feels like a tool to the plot. Again, our protagonist’s family seems so important. Everybody is a chosen one. Please tell me there will be shocking reveal about the family history instead of leaving it this way. It bugs me.

Questions and Theories

1. Even though Amren’s true form was revealed, I still want to know what realm she came from. Also, is it related to the Throne of Glass series? I haven’t read that series but it would be really awesome if the two worlds are connected.

2. I’m pretty sure Vassa’s master is the third death lord. I’m really sad to see the Weaver and the Bone Carver go. Especially the Bone Carver. I really like his scenes.

3. I think Nesta and Cassian know they are mates but want to keep it private. I hope they will have their time. Now I love them just as much as I love Feyre and Rhysand!

Nesta and Cassian fanart by Meabhd

4. Elain’s prophecy about Cassian. I think originally Cassian was going to die, but because Nesta decided to die with Cassian so Elain stabbed the King, which stopped the killing blow. I think her vision of the future is not set.

5. There is gonna be a love triangle. I am 99% sure. I was all for Lucien and Elain at the end of ACOMAF but now I’m not so sure. I always thought mates should stay together but since it’s been explained in this book that people can still choose who they stay with, I think Elain isn’t going to end up with Lucien. I also ship Elain with Azriel more. I feel like they understand each other better from the scenes they are in. I’m not sure how Lucien will deal with it though. Can this guy get a happily ever after?

Ariel and Elain fanart by Sncinder

Also, since Elain is the seer now. I think she knows who she will end up with and that’s why the awkwardness when she is around Lucien. I don’t think it will be pretty.

6. Lucien is gonna find out about his heritage and I think at the end of the series Helion will die and he will become High Lord. And then he and Eris will make up and these two courts will be friends.

7. I have no idea how Sarah J. Maas is gonna write the next book because she uses first person narrative in this series. I think the narratives will shift from Feyre to someone else. My guess is that the next book will focus on the other continent, where Vassa, the human queens, Drakon and Myriam reside. I also hope we will see Jurian again. I read a comment on Goodreads that suggests the next book will be a retelling of Swan Lake. I think it’s very likely!

Inner Circle fanart by Charlie Bowater

What do you think of ACOWAR? Who do you think will be heavily featured in the next book? What do you want to see more in the rest of the series?


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