Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Non-human Characters

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. This week we have a character freebie and I thought it’d be fun to make a list of books that feature non-human characters! I’ve chosen to feature five books I’ve already read and five other that are on my TBR shortlist.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books on My Fall TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Since it’s fall, it’s another year of sharing the books on my TBR list for this season. Looking back on last year’s, I managed to finish 9 out of the 10 books I had put on my list. Hopefully, I can finish all of the books I want to read this fall.

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Behind The Pages Lip Balms Review

I am pretty sure every bookstagrammer knows about Behind The Pages. They have the best usable bookish items that you can’t help repurchasing!

From what I know, the first products Behind The Pages sold were bookmarks, but then Gina, the owner of this blog/shop, starts making posters an bookish goats milk soaps. The store is a sensation in the bookstagram community! Later, bookish lip balms were also added, and now body lotions and perfume are available too.

Personally, I wasn’t very interested in the bookmarks. I always have my eyes on the soaps though, but since I am not sure if I like the scent or not, I didn’t buy any. Then, the lip balms were out and I have already purchased 7 of them up til now.

I know a lot of people wonder what each of the scents actually smells like, so I’m going to describe it the best I can.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books I HAD to Buy but Still Haven’t Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. It’s a throwback freebie this week and I just have to do this one related to book shopping. Lately I’ve been noticing my reading pattern, which is I always tend to read the book that interests me most at the moment than picking one off my shelf to clear my TBR. There are quite a lot of books I still haven’t read that have been sitting on my shelf forever. Here’s a salute to ten of them.

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My Dream Panel

The first time I know about Book Cons was watching booktube. I’m always jealous that readers in the USA and UK have many different book cons to go to, even though they have to fly to another state or city for some. In Hong Kong, there’s only an annual book fair to go to, and it doesn’t include a wide range of books. Each stall is selling the same books, only with different discounts. I used to love going before I discovered Book Despository, but now, not so much.

After finding out about Eventbrite, a self-service ticketing platform that helps people to find and plan events, I really want to make a post about my dream conference panel!

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